S-OCS continues Cline’s superintendent contract

The S-OCS school board extends Superintendent Cline's contract, continuing his leadership and contributions to the district.

Hannah Amos


Hannah Amos


Jun 30, 2024

S-OCS continues Cline’s superintendent contract

The Spencer-Owen Community Schools (S-OCS) Board met for their public meeting on May 23. In attendance was board president Derek Morgan, vice president Mark Rogers, secretary Rick Smeltzer, secretary pro tem Lizz Bixler, Chad Cooper and Sonia Brinson, virtually, along with S-OCS Superintendent Andy Cline.

School board member Col. Dave Allen was absent due to health reasons. 

Before the meeting students Alayna and Ariyah Snodgrass led the Pledge of Allegiance. 

The board started the meeting approving the prior meeting’s minutes, 6-0.

The meeting had no old business, but Smeltzer moved to approve four field trips: the Vincennes University Owen Valley High School (OVHS) Girls’ Team Basketball Camp from June 16 to 19, the Purdue Northwest University OVHS Boys’ Team Basketball Camp from June 17 to 19, the 94th Annual Indiana FFA Convention at Purdue University from June 17 to 20, and the Officer Planning & Retreat-Indiana FFA Leadership Center in Trafalgar from July 21 to 23.

All trips were approved unanimously.

Bixler made the motion to approve textbook reimbursement allowable costs for Owen Valley Middle School (OVMS) and OVHS. Rogers seconded the request. 

“These are fees that we’re not actually collecting from families. We no longer collect textbook rental fees, but [this is] the cost that we need to make sure we are asking for the proper amount,” Cline said. “So that we get full reimbursement from the State of Indiana when reimbursement is actually dispersed.”

The motion passed 6-0.

Rogers made the motion to approve three professional development contracts: Ryan Flessner Consultant Services for OVMS mathematics, C.L.A.S.S (Connected Learning Assures Successful Students) and Thinking Maps Training for S-OCS Elementary Schools. Brinson seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

The next request, moved by Bixler and seconded by Cooper, was to accept the 2023-24 Perkins Education Readiness Grant, a $100,000 grant. 

OVHS technical education teacher Ryan Cowden will use the funds to further curriculum in his class by purchasing equipment and curricular materials for the classroom.

It was approved 6-0.

Rogers made the motion to approve the NEOLA Policy updates, which are available to read on the school board’s website. Bixler seconded the motion to approve. Prior to the request, Smeltzer moved to waive the readings and Rogers seconded. Both motions passed unanimously.

There were 29 policy updates: 0164 Notice of Meetings (new); 0164.1 Regular Meetings (rescind); 0164.2 Special Meetings (rescind); 0164.3 Emergency Meetings (rescind); 0164.5 Member Participation in Meetings Thru Electronic Means of Communication (rescind); 0164.6 Meetings During Declared Disaster Emergencies (rescind); 0165 Meetings (replacement); 0165.1 Notice of Regular Meetings (rescind); 165.2 Notice of Special Board Meetings (rescind) 165.3 Notice of Emergency Meetings (rescind); 165.4 Notice Requirements Established by Other Statutes (rescind); 165.5 Series of Meetings (gatherings) (rescind);1422.01 Drug-Free Workplace (new); 1520.08 Employment of Personnel for Extracurricular Activities (revised); 1662.01 Threatening and/or Intimidating Behavior Toward Staff Members (technical correction); 4120.08 Employment of Personnel for Extracurricular Activities (revised); 4362.01 Threatening and/or Intimidating Behavior Toward Staff Members (revised); 5340.01 Student Concussions and Sudden Cardiac Arrest (revised); 5350 Student Suicide Awareness and Prevention (revised); 5517.01 Bullying (revised); 6320 Purchasing (revised); 6320.01 Purchasing Using Online Reverse Auctions (rescind); 7540.02 Web Content, Apps and Services (revised); 8210 School Calendar (revised); 8452 Automated Extrernal Defibrillators (AED) (revised); 8455 Coaching Training, References and IHSAA Reporting (revised); and 9130 Public Complaints and Concerns (revised). 

The last item for the board’s new business was the request to approve the superintendent’s proposed 2024-2026 employment contract, moved by Smeltzer and seconded by Brinson. Cline will be paid $135,000 per year. In addition to his normal pay, the contract provides for a slight yearly bonus if the superintendent is rated as effective or highly effective. The effective rating bonus is $1,000, and the highly effective bonus is $2,000.

It passed unanimously, 6-0.

Moving on to the personnel section of the meeting, Smetzer moved to approve the classified and certified resignations, ECA– coaches and sponsors and classified and certified employment.

There were seven resignations: McCormick’s Creek Elementary School (MCES) Pre-K Instructional Assistant Emilie Earnest, MCES Pre-K Instructional Assistant Jeanette Hedrick, OVMS Cook Emily Macy, Spencer Elementary School (SES) Latchkey Supervisor Hannah Pendleton, SES Cook Carolyn Steuer, SES Instructional Assistant Shaina Persons and S-OCS Transportation Coordinator Kelly Sorensen.

OVHS varsity volleyball coach Bethany Kay also resigned.

There were three new hires: OVHS math teacher Colton Sample, temporary OVHS substitute Spanish teacher Marissa Taylor, and OVHS Custodian Zachariah Carter. 

All sections in personnel were approved 6-0.

In the board's comments, the board congratulated the 2024 OVHS graduating class as well as wishing the Allen family well.

Bixler noted the importance of the passing of the field trips because they were previously limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It's good to see all of these field trips being planned again,” she said. "Every time I see one, I'm just super excited.”

In administrative comments, they echoed the comments of the board.

In the superintendent's comments, Cline recognized the board for being recognized by the Indiana School Board Association for commendable governance as well as the OVHS band program being recognized as an All-State Music Award nominee. He also shouted out to multiple S-OCS sports teams.

After the meeting was adjourned, the floor was open to public comment. Concerns on the state of and employees of the transportation department were raised.

Laurie Selstrom, a current deaf school driver and mother of former Transportation Coordinator Kelly Sorenson, John Sorenson, the husband of former Transportation Coordinator Kelly Sorenson, and Kathleen Angrick, a mother of children in the school district and ride with Selstrom, spoke on their issues with the department.

Overall, they had issues with how individuals were treated by others in the department.

Morgan said via email the board will review the comments made on personnel.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on June 13th in the Mike Wells Memorial Board Room at S-OCS Central Office, 205 E. Hillside Ave., Spencer.

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