Gosport Town without utility clerk, again

Gosport faces ongoing challenges with the utility clerk position, with the town once again without a clerk.

Niki Gessler


Niki Gessler


Jun 30, 2024

Gosport Town without utility clerk, again

The sun set over another full parking lot at the Gosport Town Council meeting on March 26. All council members were present, including president Marian McGee, vice president Ernie Arnold and Mike Miller. Also present were town attorney Terry English and clerk-treasurer Don Hall. 

The drinking water improvement plan continued with a pre-construction meeting on April 1. Office of Community and Rural Affairs [OCRA] grant funds for the project were released late last week, and a construction schedule will follow the meeting. 

Hillary Moore requested use of the town park again this year for the Gosport Farmers’ Market. The request was approved unanimously, and the market will be held on Tuesdays from 3-6 p.m. beginning April 23 at the Gosport Town Park on Main Street. Moore expects eight to 10 vendors at the season-opening market. 

In the fall of 2023, the previous town board created an ordinance to include a utility clerk in the cast of town employees. Previously, water and sewer bills could only be paid via check or cash in the drop box, with no set business hours.

On September 1, Wanda White began work full-time in the new position. Since then, she has been available in-person at the town hall, by email, and by phone during regular office hours to take payments by cash, check, and card.

White has also made alerts available via social media during boil orders, hydrant flushing, water leaks, council meeting cancellations, and more.

At the meeting, councilman Arnold made the motion to repeal the ordinance of the utility clerk. McGee seconded the motion, but Miller shook his head. The motion passed 2-1, with Miller voting in opposition, and the position was dismantled.

After it was blamed on lack of funds, councilman Miller stated, “Based on the state’s accounts… I don’t know where that money’s gone.”

Gosport’s clerk-treasurer will now oversee the new ‘deputy clerk’ position, which can be funded via multiple budget items instead of solely the water fund, which funded the utility clerk position.

In contrast, the utility clerk position was under the authority of the town council.

White has accepted the new deputy clerk position.

“I’d like to see the (water system improvement) project go through. I’d like to help the people get through this difficult time,” White said. “I think the town council needs to work together as a team to do what is right for the town.” 

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